May I have another?
"Hiring for Dominatrix, we will train you."

I applied completely on a whim, and got a call back. My interview was 7:30 PM. I’m wearing my tweed (almost professional!) miniskirt, a black blouse, and some chunky heeled leather boots. I assume this is acceptable dominatrix street attire. The wind and rain ruin my hair. I had to go to a specific cross street in midtown manhattan and call for further directions. I’m approached by a woman asking if I know that God is both a man and woman, which is the key to Heaven. Perhaps this is a sign that even deities want me to grow some balls and go in for the interview. I was buzzed in and found my way up a nondescript staircase and into a surprisingly nice, dark blue foyer.

I’m greeted by Amy, a receptionist. I can see a girl in a corset in the next room. She closes the door. 

I sit in a small office and am asked if I have any experience? No, nothing professional. My height(5’8”), my weight(145), dress size(6), and body shape (“curvy”) are noted. I’m given this overview:

"We specialize in fantasy roleplay. There’s some spanking and use of props but nothing severe. We have training sessions for you to go to, and we’d like to have you three times a week. You’ll sit in on some sessions with the other girls, and we hope to have you started by Friday. $80 a session, plus tips. Any questions for me?"

Uh, well uh, what’s it all like? You know, the sessions.

"Oh it’s very professional, like any business. You get the hang of it. The clients are nice and so are the girls."

A bit more back and forth banter about general BDSM and roleplay, and I’m totally on board. My first shift (in which I’ll be sitting in on other sessions) is at 5:30PM tomorrow. I have to buy a garter belt and stockings (what color? fuck I hope I don’t choose wrong) by then. I’ve been googling (there’s an eHow page for everything!) and praying that I’m cut out for this.

I’m still pretty pissed Starbucks never called me back. Tomorrow might be the most bizarre day of my young life.